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Best RC Helicopter Review – Air hogs havoc

Air hogs havoc heli RC Helicopter Review

Air hogs havoc heli RC Helicopter Review

Best RC Helicopter Review – Air hogs havoc Overview

Air Hogs is best known for its radio controlled flying machines. One of its most awesome models is the Air Hogs Havoc Heli. This incredibly tiny copter will surely fascinate you once it is off the box and off the ground. Players enjoy this toy because it can fly into the narrowest spaces with its four way control allowing it to be stable enough for a good flight. The Havoc is an ultra lightweight machine and is small enough to fit on the palm of your hands. Kids of all ages can bring out the best of their flying abilities with the Havoc Heli simply because they have the choice of flying three havocs at the same time in the same room. Reviews at amazon

Best RC Helicopter Review – Air hogs havoc Features

  • Has control that possess full function which helps the heli with its amazing flight performance
  • Tough plastic body that can withstand crashes
  • Has flashing LED lights for added visibility
  • Internal battery is charged from the remote control unit itself
  • Has Li-Po battery that powers the copter for 6 minutes in a single charge; uses 6 AA batteries; battery charging takes around twenty minutes
  • Controller has trim options to ensure level flight adjustments
  • Has twin rotors to keep flights real stable
  • With different channel options, up to three friends can play with it. More…

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