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RC Helicopter Reviews – Air Hogs Helicopter Talk

Air Hogs helicopters are among the few toys that are well loved by both young and old. Manufactured by well known toy company Spin Master, Air Hogs is surely a great way to have fun under the sun with family and friends. All year round you can enjoy these radio controlled copters or you can give it as the perfect gifts for your ones or for those you now who are young at heart. Why do parents prefer these machines for their kids?  For one reason, they do not require assemble at all.

Air Hogs RC Helicopters are the ultimate air powered flying machines. These are available in various models well suited for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. This line of radio controlled copters has the smallest and lightest model in the world bringing every flyer that uses it the best moments. Plus, Air Hogs copters have models that are specifically suited for different age range and for varied environments either indoor or outdoor use.

For years, dozens of these models have been produced to satisfy aficionados. Even its retired models are still being patronized by many because the regardless of its model Air hogs heli are convenient flying machines. Your little pilots will surely enjoy every moment spent with any their age appropriate helis. They can exhibit their mastery of tricks and become proud owners of a cool gadget as well. One of the best performed model is SpinnMaster.

SpinMaster Air Hogs remote control helicopter Features

  • Has wireless remote with single throttle and is dual toggle
  • has double rear drive prop as well as double rotors on highly present extraordinary stability
  • has accurate 6 way directional management to go in any manner including backwards therefore it let users throttle upwards and downward and left and right with the use of its controller
  • has the ability to shoot or target infrared beams to opponents
  • can be easily mastered and is very durable
  • has attractive flashing LED lights that makes it look so dramatic especially at night
  • has an on board battery that charges easily right from the control unit
  • LI-PO batteries are rechargeable allowing users to have a minimum of six flying minutes per charge
  • has strong EPP foam built for high impact
  • soars up to a hundred feet high

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