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Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Align T-REX 600E

Align T-REX 600E best rc helicopter reviews

Align T-REX 600E

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Align T-REX 600E Overview:

The Align T-Rex 600E PRO Super Combo is a hobby-grade helicopter that features durable construction and a redesigned motor for a premium flying experience. The 600E is an electric helicopter with an all-metal frame and highly rigid blade assembly that provides the sharp response and smooth, flight performance that lets you perform large loops, stall turns and rolls with minimal vibration. The T-Rex 600E PRO Super Combo is easy to install and includes many of the required electronic components including the 650L motor, the Align 100A ESC, tde  he GP780 Head Lock Gyro and digital servos.Best price here


The Align T-Rex 600E PRO Super Combo is manufactured by Align Corp., LTD. The company has grown from a machine tool company to an innovative designer and manufacturer of radio control products that include high-performance radio-controlled helicopters.  The Align brand name is one of the four major brand names in the hobby-grade helicopter industry.


Key Features

  • 600M Motor– this is a feature that dates back to Align’s roots as a provider of carbon brush motors. This brushless motor has is both highly efficient and has high torque to create the amp draw you need, particularly when putting the T-Rex through 3D tricks.
  • Runs Cool – a heatsink embedded into the motor mount cools the motor to promote long life.
  • Lightweight Design – the T-Rex 600E PRO is made with durable, lightweight materials. The main rotor assembly is made of a lightweight, durable aluminum alloy material. Other components include a 3K carbon flybar paddle, carbon fiber blades, 1.6mm carbon frames, and a fiberglass canopy.
  • Maintain Precise Control – the main blade control system features all-metal construction. It’s a  premium complement to the lightweight design and gives you better control during flight.
  • Quick Access to Battery – with a high-quality hobby-grade helicopter you expect attention to detail, and the T-Rex 600 delivers. A patented spring-loaded latch lets you easily access the battery which fits in another Align innovation – sliding battery tray rails.
  • Optimal Motor Pinion Ration and Tail Gear Ration – helps the T-Rex 600E efficiently use power and flight manners.
  • Amazing Power for Spectacular 3D Performance – the T-Rex 600E has a high precision bearing in the tail pitch mechanism which allows a total pitch range of +15 to -15 degrees.
  • Includes Most Critical Parts Needed for Installation – get in the air faster. The T-Rex 600 ESP Super Combo includes all the electronic parts you expect plus the gyro (a GP780 Head Lock Gyro X1) and servos (a DS610 Servo X3 and DS620 Servo X1).
  • Parts Required For Installation

These parts are required for operation and must be purchase separately:

  •  Helicopter System Transmitters (minimum of 6 Channels)
  • Compatible Receiver (minimum of 6 Channels)
  • Pitch Gauge
  • 22.2V 6S Li-Poly 4500~5000mAh battery


The T-Rex 600E PRO Super Combo is evidence of Align’s vision to be an industry leader in radio-controlled helicopters. The T-Rex series was already known for a beautiful design and exceptional flight manners. This new version has been upgraded to include a powerful 600M motor. This provides the extra kick that many reviewers felt the previous generation of this helicopter was lacking.

Like most hobby-grade helicopters, the T-Rex 600E is not meant for beginners.Best price here

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