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Best Toy Helicopter Reviews – Avatar RDA Scorpion Gunship

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Avatar RDA Scorpion Gunship

Best Toy Helicopter Reviews – Avatar RDA Scorpion Gunship Overview

The Avatar RDDA Scorpion Gunship is an advanced micro helicopter toy intended for children six years old and above because of potential choking hazards due to small parts. The Scorpion micro helicopter features a fully functional rotating blade with firing missiles can seat one pilot which is not inclusive of the packaging. The Scorpion Gunship is basically a VTOL Gunship that is used both for air support and close in fire support for the RDA mining operation. The RDA Scorpion Gunship is inclusive of two firing projectiles that will allow users to actually knockout obstacles along the way. The integrated rotating gun barrels on both sides make it look more realistic and kids will certainly have an enjoyable play time with its quadruple spinning blades. Best Price at AMA

Best Toy Helicopter Reviews – Avatar RDA Scorpion Gunship Features

The gunship’s cockpit is equipped with a plastic glass windshield with an interior section that easily folds up to allow action figures to easily get inside. This is also comparable to a snap on assembly kit making it a lot easier to assemble the entire toy together. Both rotating guns can also pivot up to 360 degrees giving it a very realistic feel. Even adults will certainly appreciate the craftsmanship of this toy. However, the front wings where the guns are located needs adult assistance during assembly. It is quite difficult to attach and without extra care, there is always the possibility of over bending the toy part.

If you are not too keen on assembling multiple parts, you may think twice about buying this for your kids. The gunship requires assembly and even with its instructional manual, you will need a lot of patience and tolerance to assemble it all together and turn it into one powerful aircraft. The cockpit, even though well detailed, is a bit too small and its scale is not appropriate for most action figures in the market. If you want to put a pilot on it, you need to find the right size unless Mattel introduces add-on toys specifically for Avatar gunships.

The good thing about Avatar RDDA Scorpion Gunship as well as other Mattel toys is its careful consideration for details. The scorpion gunship is an exact replica of the same gunship in the Avatar movie. All in all, the Scorpion Gunship is a pretty cool toy and can easily capture the imagination of children six years and above. The two projectiles and gun barrels actually fire and is also great feature not to be discounted with. The quadruple spinning blades make the Scorpion Gunship very authentic including the articulated cockpit of the ship.

Best Toy Helicopter Reviews – Avatar RDA Scorpion Gunship  Conclusion

This toy can be bought for about $15.95 and has 5 star rating out of five stars. This is a fair rate considering the craftsmanship of the toy. When it comes to detail, Mattel really did a good job with the RDA gunship and it is really the perfect imitation of the gunship in the movie. For adults who love to collect cool toys, this one is definitely set for the display cabinet. Best Price at AMA

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