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Best RC Helicopter Review – Blacd MCX2

Blacd MCX2 Remote control Heli Review

Blacd MCX2 Remote control Heli Review

Best RC Helicopter Review – Blacd MCX2 Overview

Blade mCX2 is a dream come true for RC helicopter enthusiasts. It is the freshest product released in the market. With its state of the art mCX2 platform, this new Blade innovation is another interesting little machinery. It all began with original mCX that demonstrated a sweeping change in the rising world of micro coaxial helicopters. The mCX2 is a more appealing and easy to fly version. What make it an influential RC copter are its upgrades which are not only cool but useful.25% DISCOUNT

Indoor flying has never been better with the Blade mCX2. This micro coaxial RC helicopter has easy access and removal features. Almost everything about it is easy to fix, easy to install, and easy to replace. This tiny wonder of machinery is available in 2 versions. The first version is the RTF or ready to fly version and the second is the bind and fly version. Both versions are exceptionally easy to handle and can be easily ordered online or at your favorite retail store.

Best RC Helicopter Review – Blacd MCX2 Features

  • Blade mCX2 is user friendly RC helicopter. The great thing about it is that it can be flown in almost any area be it indoor or outdoor
  • It comes with same counter rotating coaxial rotor head design as the mCX. Its big difference is that it has a little extra about it
  • It has built in flashing LED lights and swash sensitivity that is user selectable
  • Speed settings can be freely controlled by the pilot
  • Has longer battery life and stronger motors
  • Comes with a five in one control unit and compatible receiver Spektrum 2.4GHzDSM2
  • Has preinstalled gyro, mixer, fully proportional servos, and main motor ESCs
  • Free from frequency restrictions and establishes excellent control with the help of its technology equipped transfer MLP4DSNM 4-channel 2.4GHz Spektrum
  • Readily available parts

It brings ultimate fun that a radio controlled micro helicopter could offer. The Blade mCX2 is indeed a beginner and user friendly machine with unmatched control, stability, and durability. More……
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