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Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Blade 120 SR BNF

Blade 120 SR BNF rc helicopter reviews

Blade 120 SR BNF

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Blade 120 SR BNF Overview:

The Blade 120 Single-Rotor BNF is a fixed pitch helicopter that gives hobbyists of all ages a first step into the world, and speed, of single rotor flight. With its sub-micro size, the Blade 120 has the best features of Blade helicopter design while adding just enough weight to make it durable enough to fly outdoors in a light breeze. The Bind-N-Fly design requires an aircraft transmitter equipped with a Spektrum 2.4 GHz DSM2-compatible receiver. Check CUSTOMER reviews

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Blade 120 SR BNF Key Features:

  • Can Be Flown Indoors or Outdoors: the sub-micro design is small enough to fly indoors, but because it’s nearly 4 times heavier than other sub-micro helicopters it can be used outdoors, preferably in winds less than 6 mph.
  • Ready-to-Fly Right From the Box: This heli is 100% factory-assembled and has been test flown.
  • Factory-Installed Control Unit: the Blade 120 has a 5-in-1 control unit. A 2.4 GHz DSM2-compatible receiver, motor speed controls, fully proportional servos, mixer, and gyro are combined on a single circuit board. This integrated, cost-effective design allows the heli to be both powerful and lightweight.
  • Adjustable Swash Sensitivity: one of the many reasons that users choose this fixed pitch heli is to make the transition from coaxial to single rotor flight. When you take the Blade 120 out of its box, it is set up for a softer response that makes it easy to learn. In fact, it’s highly recommended that you use the default program to learn the basics. Once you’re ready for some more aggressive flying, you can simply switch the cyclic control links to the second set of ball links on the inner swatch.
  • Specialized Bell-Hiller Rotor: this feature gives the Blade 120 stability that will feel familiar to users who are stepping up from coaxial helis along with the extra speed and agility of a single rotor design.
  • Built-to-Last Durability Without the Added Weight: one key to user satisfaction is a heli that can handle a crash. The Blade 120 has a main shaft and tail boom that are made from carbon fiber which means it has the durability to take a tumble while still being lightweight.
  • Bind-N-Fly Design – this heli requires you to own a DSM2 aircraft transmitter that can be bound to the battery receiver.
  • 4-Channel Transmitter: the fully functional controls on the Blade 120 let you maneuver the heli up and down, pitch forward or back, full left and right and yaw left and right.

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Blade 120 SR BNF Conclusion:

The Blade 120 heli is an ideal challenge for a user making the switch from beginner to advanced. The heli includes a 1S 500mAh Li-Po battery and a single-cell, variable rate Li-Po charger in addition to an AC power supply. One thing to remember about this helicopter is that it is a Bind-N-Fly model so you will need your own Spektrum DSM2 aircraft transmitter.

While this single-rotor heli is designed for indoor and outdoor use, some users have found that they were limited as to what they could do with the heli if flying it indoors. However, if this is your first fixed pitch heli, you’ll be able to get through most of the basic maneuvers indoors before you’ll outgrow your space.

The batteries take between 30-45 minutes to recharge after they’ve been used for five minutes. So if you’re planning on flying the heli for a sustained length of time, many users recommend purchasing multiple batteries.

Overall, the Blade 120 provides a great introduction into fixed pitch, single-rotor flight. Yet, it still has the power that hobby enthusiasts will enjoy when they’re looking for a small, “front yard” heli to substitute for their larger helis. Check CUSTOMER reviews
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