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Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Blade CX2

Blade CX2  RC Helicopter Review

Blade CX2 RC Helicopter Review

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Blade CX2 Overview

Any remote control helicopter aficionado has heard of the Blade CX2. It is the very first RTF copter of its kind that comes with state of the art built in RC technology. Its DSM 2.4GHz, gives every flyer a worry free flight time with no interference from fellow radio controlled copter users, transmission towers, and even from other 2.4 GHz devices of close proximity. Once you use this amazing machine all you have to do is power it up, maneuver, and fly. What adds up to its roll of amazing features is that you no longer have to select any channels or tuning.  Discount available.

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Blade CX2 Features

  • Has coaxial blades (counter rotating) that cancels out revolving torque
  • For efficient tail control, it makes use of differential rotor speed thus preserving the counter rotating blades’ stability
  • Three in one control unit with Spektrum AR6100e receiver
  • Has aluminum hub
  • Has fuse devices which are PTC resettable along with over current protection
  • Does not require any assembly as it is flight ready
  • Free from any interference with its built in 2.4GHz DSM innovation
  • Has ultra lightweight servos (S60 Sub-Micro)
  • Two cell 7.4 volts 800 mAh Li-Po battery pack that comes with a charge protection circuitry
  • Has AC adapter and balancing charger ( two to three cell DC Li-Po).

Based on its predecessor the CX the Blade CX2 helicopter which is the newer version has an updated gyro mixer with newer software. This makes flying a whole lot easier. Before purchasing it, you can even choose the body design as it also comes in with a military theme with dummy missiles. Spektrum RC has incorporated the 2.4 GHz radio system into the product which already makes use of a digital protocol plus spread spectrum modulation. As compared to the original CX, it only requires lesser power with only four AA batteries for the transmitter. You do not have to worry about changing parts because almost all of them are compatible with its original. Customer reviews at AMA.
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