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Best Remote control Helicopter Review – Blade MCX

Blade MCX RTF Rc Helicopter Review

Blade MCX RTF Rc Helicopter Review

Best Remote control Helicopter Review – Blade MCX Overview

The mCX is another brilliant innovation from Blade. This is a micro version of its ancestor the CX and CX2, this tiny machine allows amateur pilots to learn how to make the most out of their flying experience with the ease and convenience that it offers. It boasts of its unmatched strength and implausible control with its head design that is coaxial and counter rotating.  The astonishing aspect about it is that it can be flown indoors including small bedrooms and offices. Imagine how much fun and excitement it can offer you. Reviews at amazon.

As compared to its older siblings, it undeniably has a better flying capacity and is a great choice for those who are still new in the RC flying hobby. It is well responsive with virtually no drift and lesser trimming. The blades are very much durable and stiffer making. The moment you get a hang with the Blade mCX you will notice that you will have no problem with its blades slapping which is a common problem with most RC copters. It does not lose its lift causing it to drop.
You can choose between the Blade mCX in to models namely the RTF or ready to fly and bind-n-fly models. Whichever model you prefer, both are equally smooth in the air.

Best Remote control Helicopter Reviews – Blade MCX Features

  • One hundred percent factory assembled therefore you no longer have to assemble it yourself
  • You won’t have to buy some extra parts because it has everything you need in the box
  • Great for indoor flying with its ultra light weight feature
  • Has electric components that offer extraordinary strength with adequate control because of its state of the art airframe design
  • Has a head design with a co-axial and counter rotating rotor
  • Comes with Li-Po battery and 8 double A batteries ( 4 for charger DC and 4 for transmitter). DISCOUNT PRICE

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