Best RC Helicopter Reviews

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Blade MSR Helicopter

Blade mSR RTF Review

Blade mSR RTF Review

Best RC Helicopter Reviews  – Blade MSR Helicopter Overview

The Blade mSR is another addition to Blade’s collection of cool RC helicopters. What makes the mSR stand out from its siblings? It is the leading electric tail motor copter that does work good. Unlike other copters from Blade, this version is packed with additional performance. Another thing that makes this tiny thing extra awesome is its durability. What amazon says

With its one ounce weight, the agile Blade mSR brings a good reputation to ultra micro heli based on performance and dexterity. It has been properly tested in the factory and is completely assembled to meet requirements for convenience. This RC copter is ideal for those who are improving their flying skills. The Blade MSR is definitely an ultra micro helicopter with a single rotor that can fly best either indoor or outdoor.

Best RC Helicopter Reviews  – Blade MSR Helicopter Features

  • Ready to fly and test flown
  • One hundred percent assembled in the factory
  • Has rotor head (Bell Hiller) that offers the type of agility you are looking for from a single rotor copter but still has the same great stability from a coaxial helicopter
  • Comes with two batteries for additional flying time
  • Has five in one control unit with gyro mixer, servos, DSM2 receiver, and motor ESCs
  • Parts can be replaced with optional parts available.
  • More features…

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