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Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Heli-Max 125 CP

Heli-Max RTF best Helicopter review

Heli-Max 125 CP

Best RC Helicopter Review – Heli-Max 125 CP Overview

The Heli-Max Novus 125 CP RTF Helicopter is a welcome addition to Heli-Max’s fleet. It aims to fill the gap between the small but delicate Novus CP (an indoor flyer) and the large and durable Axe 400 which is able to be flown outside in most conditions. The Novus 125 CP is the best of both worlds – it is light and small enough to be flown indoors, but is also durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions. Reviews at AMA
Heli-Max describes the Novus 125 as a ‘sub-micro’ helicopter. This term is alluding to its small size (it weighs only 91g and stands just 10cm high), but don’t let that fool you – it has the strength, speed and stability that one would expect from a much larger heli.

Best RC Helicopter Review – Heli-Max 125 CP  Specifications:

• Weight:  91 g

• Length: 285 mm

•Rotor Diameter: 305 mm

• Height: 100 mm

• Width: 40 mm

Best RC Helicopter Review – Heli-Max 125 CP Features

One of the best parts of the CP 125 is that it comes with everything included, making it truly a ‘ready-to-fly’ heli. As well as the basic heli parts and transmitter, the CP 125 also comes with spare rotor blades, spare torque tube gears and a screwdriver. The transmitter is 2.4ghz, making it compatible with the latest standards in radio control.

As for the handling and flying experience, the CP 125 continued to impress. The powering-up sequence was quick and easy – it took only a few seconds. The transmitter comes with dual rates already programmed in, meaning that you can use low rates when still learning how to fly your heli (they allow for a slower and more gentle response time) and high rates once you have become more comfortable with it. When on high rates, the heli is exceptionally responsive and flying is smooth and stable – it truly felt as if I was flying a much larger heli.

Despite all the great features and added extras, this heli is still remarkably a good value for the money. I would definitely recommend it to any heli enthusiasts, whether experienced or still a newbie! More details

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