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Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Helizone Combat Fighter

helizone combat fighter rc helicopter review

helizone combat fighter

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Helizone Combat Fighter Overview

The Helizone Combat Fighter RC Heli lives up to its name. It does all the movements of other 3-channel helicopters  (flies left or right, up or down, and forward or backward) but the Combat Fighter adds to your enjoyment with missile launching capabilities and a speed control button that allows quick acceleration. This remote control helicopter offers advanced features for serious hobbyists, but is still easy enough for a beginner to use. 17% Discount

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Helizone Combat Fighter Key Features:

  • Fly Up to Three Helis At One Time: three selectable bands (frequencies) A, B, or C give you the ability to fly up to three Combat Fighters at the same time.
  • It Can Fire Missiles: for more realistic play, the Combat Figher has two slots (on the left and right) that hold missiles (included). Use the left or right button on the controller to fire. Missiles have a range of 6-8 feet.
  • 100% Factory-Assembled: once you take it out of the box, you’re ready to fly. You will need to add AA batteries (not included) to the remote control. The Combat Fighter comes complete with fully assembled helicopter, remote control transmitter, 6 missile launchers, bonus tail blade and USB charge cord.
  • Built-In Gyroscope System: provides the stable feel and precise control that users will appreciate.
  • Turbo Mode: one of the unique features of this remote control helicopter is the ability to accelerate. Just the touch of a button allows the Combat Fighter to quickly elude its challengers.
  • Durable Design: with a heli like this, accidents are an expectation. The Combat Fighter is a quality mini helicopter that is light enough to fly indoors but with a smart design that is rugged enough to stand up to multiple crashes.

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Helizone Combat Fighter Conclusion:

The Helizone Combat Fighter RC Helicopter is a superb mini helicopter with some features that go beyond the basics. For starters, it has removable missiles that can be launched from the console. To help you get used to this feature, paper tank targets are included.

Another compelling feature for experienced users is the Turbo Mode option that increases the speed of the heli with the push of a button.

Because of these features, beginners may find the Combat Fighter takes some getting used to. However, this can still be an ideal first helicopter. A built-in Gyroscope provides a stable feel, so it won’t take a beginner long to master the basics. And that’s when they’ll get  the extra challenge of using the advanced features. So, in a way, it’s like giving them two helicopters in one.

For best results, you’ll want to fly the Combat Figher indoors. Many users have said that it will only work outside when it’s very calm.

The transmitter can operate on three frequencies, so it’s possible to have multiple Combat Fighter flying at the same time.

The batteries require a 30-minute charge after they’ve been used for ten minutes. And it’s easy, and inexpensive, to order additional balance bars or main blades which are always good to have around. 17% Discount

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