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Best Remote Control Helicopter Reviews – JKD 4 Channel Indoor Infrared Helicopter

Jkd remote control helicopter review

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Best Remote Control Helicopter Reviews – JKD 4 Channel Indoor Infrared Helicopter Overview:

The 4-channel remote control Drift King helicopter is a fine example of a basic indoor helicopter that delivers more than you expect. With four channels, you have the ability to drift sideways, adding to the enjoyment of flying without being too complicated to control. Another enticing feature of the Drift King is lighting that can be turned on or off from the console. This palm-size powerhouse is an ideal choice for users looking for a well-manufactured, yet inexpensive, 4-channel heli. Best price at Ama

Best Remote Control Helicopter Reviews – JKD 4 Channel Indoor Infrared Helicopter Key Features:

  • Coaxial Design with Gyroscope: the rotor shaft provides enough spacing between the top and bottom blades so they will not hit each other.  The benefit of the coaxial design will be appreciated in the control you get even when you allow the heli to drift a bit.
  • Four Channels: an uncommon feature at this price point. A fourth channel is what gives the Drift King its name because it allows for a slight left/right drift in addition to the normal forward/backward, left/right and up/down motions.
  • Well Crafted:  features realistic, elegant detailing and durable construction that will hold up to minor crashes.
  • Ready to Fly: The Drift King ships fully assembled. All you have to do is add AA batteries (not included) and you’ll be ready to go. The Drift King includes the remote controller and USB charger. You also get two extra main blades, and extra tail blade and extra connector buckle.
  • Mode 2: many users get thrown off by having the rudder control on the right and the roll control on the left because it’s the opposite of what they have experienced with other 4-channel helis. Mode 2 solves this problem by allowing the controls to be reversed.
  • Remote Control for Lights and Speed: the flashing LED lights are a nice feature that makes the Drift King seem more premium than the price. Better still, the lights can be turned off from the controller, helping to conserve battery power. You also have two speed selections.
  • Cheap. Best price at Ama.
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Best Remote Control Helicopter Reviews – JKD 4 Channel Indoor Infrared Helicopter key Conclusion:

The JXD Drift King is a palm-size helicopter that features a fourth channel that allows it to glide sideways. In fact, it can fly in 6 directions: Rotate Clockwise,  Rotate Counter-Clockwise, Move Forward, Move Backward, Roll Left / Right, Move Up / Down.

The coaxial structure makes the helicopter fly smooth and stable. The Drift King is known for exceptional hovering.

Other features include a 4-in-1 infrared receiver, and a USB charging cable. For the money, you won’t find a better value than the Drift King.

There is a little disagreement as to whether this is truly a good remote control helicopter for a beginner. Although this helicopter is said to be designed for anyone over 8 years old, it might be best to wait until they’re a little older before introducing them to this 4-channel heli.

As much as you’ll enjoy the performance of this miniature helicopter, you’ll also appreciate the distinctive craftsmanship that is apparent in its aluminum frame and realistic detailing.

With a full charge, you’ll be able to fly the Drift King for approximately 5-6 minutes after 20-30 minutes charging.

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