Best RC Helicopter Reviews

Best RC Helicopter Review – Syma S013

Syma S013 RC Helicopter Review

Syma S013 RC Helicopter Review

 Best RC Helicopter Review – Syma S013 Overview

With three dual axis proportional controls the durable Syma S013is small, light and perfect for flight!  It will take a bit of practice to learn to control  it but once you have, you are in for a pleasant flight.  The Syma S013 can be flown indoors or out although it won’t tolerate a breeze very well.  This is a great helicopter for beginners or one that is great as an addition to your helicopter collection.  A definite true beauty and compact as well.Reviews at amazon

For both young and old alike the Syma S013 is a great helicopter.  If you are looking for a copter for your child 8 years of age or older, this is one you can’t beat!  Although it does take a bit of practice to get a smooth flight, with a  bit of practice you will not only love the size of the helicopter but how easy it becomes to control.  And, crashes are not a problem, the Syma S013 is durable and nearly indestructible made of metal and hard plastic.

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