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Best RC Helicopter Review – Syma S026

Syma S026 RC Helicopter Review

Syma S026 RC Helicopter Review

Best RC Helicopter Review – Syma S026 Overview

This mini transport RC helicopter will have all hands grabbing for the controls.  The Syma name has been favored among copter flyers for some time and for those with the true yearning for the love of flying, they could not get their hands on better models.  And, for those sometimes “couch potatoes” that just can’t give up the calling for flying, then the Syma S026 is the perfect helicopter as it is designed for indoor flying. Reviews at amazon.

Best RC Helicopter Review – Syma S026 Features

  • Coaxial rotor blade design makes it hover stably in the air
  • Adjustable trimming control allows the helicopter to fly with lean forward, neutral or lean backward mode
  • Fly forward, backward, sideway, left, right, up down, hovering stably
  • A flashing LED light at the bottom of the helicopter body for night flying
  • Made of durable ABS plastic – not the typical cheap Styrofoam
  • CHINOOK helicopter outlook perform
  • Rechargeable trough transmitter
  • Tri band technology
  • 3 channel auto stable and precision speed
  • Miniature size and light weight
  • Ideal for playing indoor
  • Long range infra red technology, range around 10m long.

Conclusion based on overall performance, we rate it as 2nd Best Chinook RC Helicopter, you can find the No.1 Chinook RC Helicopter here.


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