Best RC Helicopter Reviews

Best Rc Helicopter Reviews – Syma S107

syma s107 rc helicopter review

syma s107 rc helicopter review

Best Rc Helicopter Reviews – Syma S10 Overview

Syma s107 topped the #1 best selling remote control Helicopter in the whole 2010. This little mini is so amazing you are in for one fantastic flight!  Only 7.5 inches from nose to tail and a simple pound this is one of the most suited helicopters for indoor flight!  Maneuvering this little helicopter is an amazingly steady flight.  The Syma S107 helicopter is metal and hard plastic making the copter durable and nearly indestructible. (1000+ reviews at ama)

Best Rc Helicopter Reviews – Syma S10 Features

  • Tri-band technology, nonintervention used 3 bands
  • Controlled by digital technology. Infra red control system
  • High capability, dynamical Li-Poly better.
  • Can be recharged through: the transmitter provided or charge by USB cable include
  • High tenacity propeller
  • Three channel helicopter movement forward backward up down left right
  • Controlled by 32 level high precision speed.  Auto stable, rotor blade system for steady flight
  • Miniature size and light weight.
  • Super wide infrared control miniature design for indoor flying. More features…


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