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Best RC Helicopter Reviews – Syma S107G

Syma S107G best rc helicopter reviews

Syma S107G

The Syma S107G RC Helicopter is a ready-to-fly, 3-channel helicopter that provides everything a beginning remote control aviation enthusiast will need. The S107G features metal construction that allows it to withstand multiple crashes – an important consideration since this heli is for indoor use only.  The S107G also features a built-in gyro for greater control that is another benefit for beginners. The heli has a flight range of approximately 30 feet.5 stars rated


The Syma S107G is manufactured by Syma Toys Industrial Co., Ltd. The Chinese-based company strives to manufacture products that showcase “Technological Innovation & People First”. The S107G is an example of the original products that feature innovative engineering.

 Key Features:

  • An Ideal Indoor Heli:  weighing in at just two pounds, the S107G is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, even dorm rooms. Some reviewers have commented that it can be used outdoors when there’s no wind, but according to Syma that is not its intended use.
  • Ready-to-Fly Right From the Box: This heli is 100% factory-assembled. In addition to the helicopter itself, you get a USB cable, adapter, remote control, and operating instructions.
  • Co-Axial Design: the two rotors are stacked on top of each other and spin in opposite directions creating a very smooth, stable flight that is great for beginners.
  • Infrared Remote Control with 3 Channels: the S107G uses digital technology with an infrared remote control that operates on three channels. You can fly the heli in more than one direction. The remote control requires six AA batteries, so be sure to buy extra batteries if purchasing the heli as a gift.
  • Two Ways to Recharge: the S107G has a battery that can be recharged using the proprietary USB cable that comes with the heli. You can also charge the S107G from your remote control. The battery takes approximately 50-60 minutes to recharge.
  • Standard Flight Time: on a full charge, the S107G will give you about 5-7 minutes of flight time which is considered standard for a helicopter of this type.

•    Moves Six Ways: you can fly the heli up or down, left or right, and forward or backward.

•    Special Effects: you can turn on and off the flashing lights as well as activate a searching light for spectacular effects in a dimly lit room.


The Syma S107G is proof that a great idea is often imitated, but never duplicated. So to protect themselves against “look-alike” products, Syma developed a brand new 2012 color palette (green, white, and blue) to showcase their signature design. It’s one more reason why the Syma S107G dominates the industry as the most popular rc helicopter two years in a row.

We say one more reason because the main reason why hobbyists love the S107G is because it’s a fun, easy-to-fly indoor helicopter that is exceptionally durable and offers tremendous value. The helicopter includes a built-in gyro, a 3.7v 150 Lithium Ion battery, and metal parts that help it withstand the accidental, and not so accidental, crashes.

Most reviewers have had nothing but good things to say about the S107G. However a few have commented that the heli started performing erratically after only a few days. This may be because the product was not a “true Syma”, but it’s hard to say. You always want to be sure you can authenticate your rc helicopter purchase.5 star rated

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