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Best Rc Helicopter Reviews – Syma S108G

best remote control helicopter SYMA S108G review


Best Rc Helicopter Reviews – Syma S108G overview

The SYMA S108G CH Infrared Mini Radio Controlled Marine Cobra Helicopter Gyro is one of the newest mini helicopters offered by SYMA. This micro helicopter uses an electric co-axial motor and is a perfect choice both for beginner and advanced helicopter hobbyist. Aside from its micro size, the SYMA S108G 3 looks very realistic especially with its mini spot light located in the front. Among the co-axial micro helicopters, the S108G 3 is one of the latest models ever introduced by SYMA in the market. Best price at AMA

Best Rc Helicopter Reviews – Syma S108G Features

  • Control: Up/down, left/ right,forward/backward
  • SYMA S108G uses a rechargeable 3.7 volts 150 MaH li – poly battery with charging time of approximately thirty five to forty five minutes using the inclusive USB charger
  • Full flying time is about six to eight minutes max and a controlling distance of up to ten meters.

Every product from SYMA comes with a USB charger and with a whole range of different colors to choose from, it is to choose a specific design that matches your taste. Most micro helicopters use dual blade and SYMA also offers spare parts for those who want to upgrade their micro helicopters. The S108G CH Infrared Mini Radio Controlled Marine Cobra Helicopter Gyro is very durable and highly powerful as with other SYMA micro helicopters and is also easily modified using SYMA specific spare parts.

The S108G can be bought at around $18.45 which is basically a good deal for micro helicopters with advanced flying system. The S108G is comparable to its predecessor, the S109 apache which is also easy to fly and control as with the Marine Cobra Helicopter. The design may vary but this offers the same performance just like with other models including the S107. You can easily fly this around the room and still have the complete control of the helicopter.

On the other hand, the Marine Cobra from SYMA is still a completely different micro helicopter. Unlike the S107G, the vertical control of S108 is not spring loaded. In addition to that, the SYMA S108G is also stronger and forceful when it comes to control response and power and for those who haven’t handled a powerful micro computer, there will be some difficulty in managing the controls for the first time. Some users find this quite bothersome because the SYMA S108G has a much lighter plastic body frame compared to the S107G with its alloy metal frame.

Best Rc Helicopter Reviews – Syma S108G Conclusion

Hovering the SYMA S108G is also a lot easier since its collective or vertical is not spring loaded. You can easily set the controls down and still the Marine Cobra will remain flying. You must also be careful about its connection because sometimes, the S108G loses reception and you can easily crash the micro helicopter. When flying over rocky surface, you must ensure that you are in full range of the infrared reception. Always remember that this one is made with plastic frame so avoid crashing it on very hard surfaces. Best price at AMA
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