Best RC Helicopter Reviews

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – AR.Drone Quadricopter

parrot AR.drone helicopter reivew

parrot AR.drone helicopter reivew

Best RC Helicopter Reviews – AR.Drone Quadricopter Overview

The Parrott AR.Drone is a high-performance quadricopter with a built-in WiFi system that provides two amazing benefits for your enjoyment. For starters, this is the first quadricopter that can be controlled by your favorite Apple handheld devices such as an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. The AR.Drone is also compatible with the Android operating system which opens up its incredible ease of use to smartphones. As an added benefit, the WiFi system lets you use the AR.Drone as part of a network letting you invite other players to join you in battle.Color may vary


Parrot is an international company that is headquartered in Paris, France. They are a global leader in creating high-quality, user friendly wireless devices that enhance everyday life, including the most extensive range of hands-free systems for cars. They also offer many exclusive products including the AR.Drone which combines the world of rc helicopters with wireless apps that make it easy to use.

Key Features

  • Built-In WiFi Network  – you can control the AR. Drone with your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or with an Android device (OS 2.2 or higher).
  • Requires the AR.Freeflight App – to control the AR.Drone through your Apple device or smartphone, you’ll need to download this free piloting app which is available from the iTunes App Store or Android Market.
  • Two Embedded Cameras – the standard view gives you a live video feed from outside the cockpit window. The app also includes a switch that lets you activate the second camera which gives you a look from below the quadricopter.
  • Autopilot Mode– Autopilot mode lets you take off and land easily and also keeps the quadricopter in a stationary flight if you lose connection with your device for whatever reason.
  • The First Augmented Reality Video Game – use the built-in WiFi network to access A.R. Pursuit which brings augmented reality into your gaming experience. In addition to enhancing the performance of the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, you can pretend to fire machine guns or launch missiles as you chase other users in a virtual world.

Additional Features

  • Use Indoors or Outdoors – The AR.Drone ships with a removable hull to help protect the quadricopter during indoor flying. A sticker is provided for the exterior hull to make your quadricopter easily identifiable during outdoor battles.
  • Carbon Tube Structure and High-Efficiency Propellers – provides a lightweight design with high durability.
  • Flies Between 7-12 Minutes on a Charge – the AR.Drone takes about 90 minutes to reach a full charge and will allows a fairly standard flight time of 7-12 minutes. The manufacturer lists a twelve minute flight time. Reviewers have noticed shorter flight times.


The Parrot AR.Drone is a premium RC plane that takes ease of use to a new level. The built-in WiFi network lets you control the quadricopter via your iPad, IPhone or IPod Touch as well as Android devices with operating system 2.2 or higher.

You also have access to multiple gaming applications such as A.R. Pursuit and A.R. Flying Ace that let you simulate battles with other users.

Although this is a plane that can be used by beginners, this is really meant for advanced users who will be able to make best use of the premium features. Also, the sleek aerodynamic design is great, but not designed to withstand even moderate impact crashes so this isn’t a plane that you want to learn on.

The plane requires a 3-cell lithium polymer battery (you’ll want to have extras on hand) and features 4 x 15W electric brushless motors.Best price here

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