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Remote Control Helicopter Reviews – What’s the next?

There are many professional rc helicopter players in every corner of the world. Most of them make their own rc helicopter. It’s like assembling a car; you should know every part of the remote control rc helicopter. This is not easy; need a long learning curve and a deep scientific knowledge. But 99% of rc helicopter players don’t make their own. Like me, i have lots of helis, all bought from line.

There’s no doubt, SYMA S107 dominated the common RC helicopter world for years. You can take some rc helicopter reviews. It’s dirty cheap, easy to control (you still need to play around). I saw not only in US, it all Europe and Asia market, it’s the best selling rc helicopter.

I was thinking, what’s the next. The price shouldn’t be a big problem, $20-$$150, not a big difference for helicopter players, as long as it plays well. Parrot AR.Drone Quadricopter should have a place. I personally love it very much. It’s a new concept of rc helicopters. I rate it as the best rc helicopter at its price range. Well, SYMA might be watching this competitor. Hope it come with more gems.

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